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Excellent Choice

I read a lot of reviews and technical facts before deciding on this brand and model. I am very, very happy with my purchase. The numbers on top show you it works. Anytime I cook anything, clean with chemicals or even burn a tiny candle the numbers go up which lets you know it has detected something and is working to purify the air. I keep it on the auto setting 24/7. It is whisper quiet and sleek looking. I am very pleased.

Jane D. - 24 Aug 2022

Air Feels Clean

So far we love the air purifier…the air feels clean and I am seeing less dust. We may buy another one to keep our whole house feeling clean. It’s quiet too.

Linda D. - 20 Jul 2022

Great Design & Excellent Function

After having a couple of well-known air purifiers that were far too-complicated and failed in function, I chose a Sans because it had an elegant design and was reputed to excel at air purification. It does! I just changed the air filter for the first time, and it was extraordinarily easy---YAY! I've subscribed now and Sans will send me a filter every 3 months. It's a terrific company with first-rate customer service. Five stars for sure!!

Amy H. - 30 Jun 2022

Best Purchase of the Year

Thank you for creating Sans! We have a dog who loves to run and swim, a son who is learning to cook, and a lot of dust from the mountain behind us, so we put our Sans to very good use. It's made a huge difference in the air quality and freshness of our apartment. When I can afford it, I'll buy another for the back rooms, too.

Debby S. - 27 Jun 2022

Hands Down Amazing

My youngest is Asthmatic so initially we purchased this for him room and quickly bought more. The dust in my home has drastically improved, in fact there’s hardly any since using the Sans. I love it so much I purchased 3 of these in total. It’s whisper quiet and efficient. I was skeptical at first but so far it’s been a great investment into breathing cleaner air. Super happy with our Sans units! As a bonus, I had to contact their customer service and was incredibly impressed with the lightning fast replies. Rating it and their service an A++

Joseph - 9 Jun 2022

Just Bought My Second

What a difference! I am delighted with my Sans. I wasn’t sure I really needed one until it arrived. Sets up in a snap. Super quiet in my bedroom. Everything just seems fresher and I wake up without a scratchy throat. Chemical smell from new area rug is clearing. Splurged on a second for the other side of my house. I’m very happy.

Deborah G. - 14 May 2022


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